Why Us

Why you should choose us

Gold Crude Research

Our love for money


Yes, we’re saying it, and we’re saying that it is one of the reasons we think you would choose us. It’s quite simple – our love for money drives everything we do. From innovation to precision to consistency, right down to the decision to abandon the bakery idea is driven our love for money. And our single-minded dedication to the cause drives all of the other stuff we’ve said above – it actually makes us who we are. It’s all about the money…all about the dum-dum-da-di-dum-dum and no – it’s definitely not funny even though our monthly performance contest winners are given the title Scrooge of the Month.

Due to Diligence


This is perhaps the one thing that we are brazenly arrogant about. It is still not the single reason why you should choose us but we’d say it’s a significant contributing factor to your choice. Every single researcher, advisor, portfolio manager, and support executive are literally drip-fed our corporate stance on diligence – “If we’re not, we’d rather not even open that bakery because it requires as much diligence as financial research.” We are how precise we are – that’s just about it.



We don’t say our signals are accurate – it’s our past performance and satisfied customers that do. But yes, when we look at our historical trading signals and how our customers were able to profit from it, we can say our signals are quite accurate – each and every one of them. But that’s beside the point because past success doesn’t guarantee future success – it’s the replication of what went into past success that does it. And that brings us to



As a Commodities, Indices and Forex Signals Provider, we have a fair bit of experience. Considering we have been in the business of investment advisory services for over a decade now, and our analysts and advisors are more experienced than GoldCrudeResearch, you can rest assured that there is no dearth of understanding of commodity trading, forex trading, and index trading at GoldCrudeResearch.



From the very beginning, we adopted a customer-centric approach and have modeled our services based on our customers’ need. To cite a simple example would be our portfolio management services that became our first offering beyond investment advice. Similarly, our customers have inspired us to create custom plans and packages to service their requirements and we would do anything in our means to add value to our customers. Of course, so long as the requirements are relevant to our core business of commodity trading, forex trading, and index trading – although we fancy ourselves as excellent pastry chefs, we aren’t going to start a bakery.



At GoldCrudeResearch we are constantly improving the systems that our research analysts use to glean trade opportunities. We have analytics solutions that help our analysts get to the insights faster as in commodities, forex as well as index trading, timeliness is everything. As we implement newer trading products including binary trading and options to invest bitcoin, we are currently exploring options with big data analytics to further enhance our capabilities. Furthermore, we constantly improve our signal delivery as well as our value added services, exploring different technologies such as digital and Internet of Things to help us serve our customers better.