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McxSx, stands for : McxStock Exchange. Mcxstock exchange is an India's new stock exchange inaugurated.It is recognised by the the securities & Exchange Board of India under the contract Act 1956 of the securities.It is made for the promotion and offers better trading enviornment by which they engage new investors to the stock market or stock exchange by the government of India on Dec19,2012.

There has been inovated the McxSx clearing corporation limited with relation to the best global practices and regulatory settlements.Mcx has been came into force for the promotion of currency future on October7,2008 under the regulatory framework of SEBI and RBI (India). On 10, August 2012 it commenced the trading in currency options also granted the permission of SEBI to deal in Interest Rate Derrivatives, Equity, future & options on July10,2012.

As a part of their mission McxSx conducted the ducation awareness programs for large scale investors.Mcx collaborated with the academic institutions of media, trade bodies & international organizations for organizing there programes.

McxSx has its authorized timings to be open and close. It opens at 10:00 am and close at 11:30 pm.

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