Market Holidays

At GoldCrudeResearch, we try and optimize our days of work through our delivery centers to make sure you don’t miss out on trade opportunities. However, the markets are closed on certain days and we will consider that you have visited this page and added the dates to your calendar to make sure you watch your positions and close them if required before the close of the previous trading day. Please understand that you could lose money due to not closing your positions before a market holiday.

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List of Holidays (2015) in India for the year 2015 -

Date Particulars Days Morning Session (10:00 am to 5:00 pm) Evening Session (5:00 pm to 11:30/11:55 pm)
 1-Jan  New Year's Day  Thursday Open Closed
26-Jan Republic Day
Monday Closed Closed
 17-Feb  Mahashivratri  Tuesday   Closed  Open
 6-Mar  Holi Friday   Closed  Open
 2-Apr  Mahavir Jayanti Thursday   Closed  Open
 3-Apr  Good Friday Friday   Closed Closed 
14-Apr   Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti  Tuesday  Closed  Open
 1-May   Maharashtra Day  Friday  Closed  Open
 4-May  Budha Purnima  Monday   Closed  Open
 15-Aug   Independence Day Saturday   Closed Closed 
 17-Sep   Ganesh Chaturthi Thursday   Closed  Open
25-Sep  Bakri ID (Idu’L Zuha)  Friday  Closed  Open
 2-Oct   Gandhi Jayanti Friday   Closed Closed 
 22-Oct   Dusssera Thursday   Closed  Open
 11-Nov   Diwali – Laxmi Puja  Wednesday  Closed  Open from (6 pm to 8.30 pm)
 12-Nov   Diwali – Balipratipada Thursday   Closed  Open
 25-Nov   Guru Nanak Jayanti Wednesday   Closed Open 
 24-Dec   Id-E-Milad (Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday)  Thursday  Closed Open 
 25-Dec   Christmas Friday   Closed  Closed
List of Holidays (2016) in US for the year 2016 -

Date Particulars Days Markets Closed
1-Jan  New Year's Day  Firday New York Stock Exchange
18-Jan Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday New York Stock Exchange
15 Feb  Presidents' Day   Monday   New York Stock Exchang
 25-Mar  Good Friday Friday    New York Stock Exchange
 30-May   Memorial Day Monday   New York Stock Exchange
 4-July  Independence Day Monday   New York Stock Exchange
5-Sep   Labor Day   Monday  New York Stock Exchange
 24-Nov Thanksgiving  Thursday   New York Stock Exchange
26-Dec  Christmas OBS Monday   New York Stock Exchange
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