• What is Gold Crude Research?

    GoldCrudeResearch is an investment services consultancy that offers expert advice and research on commodities, forex, and indices. Our signals give you daily trade tips, access to our in-depth research on fundamentals, technical and trends.
    With GoldCrudeResearch’s services, you can be assured to make profits through diligent investments. Yes, the risks of speculation still apply, but our research-based tips and consulting services help mitigate the risk to a significant degree

  • What are the services you offer?

    GoldCrudeResearch’s services are spread across three verticals – Commodities, Forex, and Indices. For each of these verticals, we have multiple packages that combine different trading products under each vertical, into a signal. This signal comprises daily calls or SMS alerts for intraday trading opportunities, follow up calls on your investments to give you updates on targets and stop losses, as well as news and technical updates on your investment portfolio.
    We also offer comprehensive portfolio management services where we analyze your risk profile, suggest investment spreads and manage them in accordance to your risk preferences.

  • Do you have a free trial?

    While we do not offer a free trial, we have a flexible and customer-friendly cancellation policy on our products, as well as a low-cost trial package that you can avail of.
    We suggest that you activate your paid trial only when you are ready for trading and can invest the kind of time it requires for you to analyze our signal efficacy and efficiency. Once you do, we are more than convinced that you will want to subscribe to our full services.

  • What is your success accuracy?

    Our signal accuracy varies from product to product and the lowest accuracy rate we have is 92% and the highest we have achieved is >99%. However, we average above 95% on our trading calls and you can verify this from our past performance charts.
    The accuracy of our signals stems from our rigorous research and the vast experience of our team.

  • Do you suggest when I should enter and exit?

    Yes, we do. Our signals include daily calls or SMS’s on entry points, targets, stop loss alongside the technical and fundamental analysis.
    Based on your package and your preferences that you can set on your notification dashboard, we will give you calls or text messages on intra-day trading opportunities. But that is not all.
    Once you have made your entry, we will follow up with hold, book-profit, and stop-loss calls should the markets take a turn. With GoldCrudeResearch, you can rest assured of your investments’ performance.
    GoldCrudeResearch will provide you with daily and intra-day updates on the basis of your preferences until all your positions are closed.

  • Can you guarantee profits?

    As commodities, forex, and Index trading are speculative investments, we cannot offer any guarantee on investments. Furthermore, investments are subject to a variety of pressures that can have a telling effect on the outcome. Some examples are below
    The markets are very fast. On bad days, the markets can shed or gain a percent in a very short period of time, so it is imperative that you make your entry and exit in a timely manner, to be assured of profits. While our signals are provided at the right time, it is not necessary that they are valid for the entire duration of the trading day.

    The analysis reveals that traders that use higher leverages tend to make fewer profits and greater losses, especially due to margin calls and unsustainability of very-short-term intra-day losses. Typically, large volume positions tend to be riskier to smaller fluctuations.

    The risk profile of the investor is key to the success of an investment. More often than not, investors tend to book profits well before the target and thus lose the target to the stop-loss gap, thus making far fewer profits due to heavier losses on failed speculations and smaller profits on successful trades. The analysis shows that even when 60% of the trades are successful, a majority of investors have lost money due to the above-stated rationale.

    The markets move – and sometimes irrationally. There have been instances where the markets have reacted poorly to certain stimuli, but almost shown no reaction at all to others. While we have historical analysis to back our bets, we are yet to find definitive clairvoyance into the actual trends that markets may show – we will definitely give you an update when we find one.
    Ultimately, it is money – and we know that fear has the biggest role to play in the success or failure of an investment. We strongly recommend that you try out our Trading Trainer program if you are new to the markets.

  • Do you hold any positions?

    As an advisory provider, we do not hold any positions as it would be a conflict of interest. In the event that there is any position held by any of third-party experts who provide us with information for a particular trade opportunity, analysis or any feature of our signals, we would include it in the disclosure section.
    Before you make any investments, we would strongly recommend that you take a look at our disclosure statements.
    We regularly perform audits of our information sources to ensure we are in complete compliance with the respective regulators for each of the geographies that we provide signals in.

  • When do you provide calls on trading opportunities?

    We provide calls for each market, during the trading hours of the respective markets. For example, the NYMEX, COMEX, and Dow Jones signals are provided during the US trading hours, while FTSE, DAX and NIKKEI and MCX are catered to during the respective trading hours of the UK, Germany, Japan, and Indian markets.
    We do not provide calls before or after trading hours for each geography/market.
    However, our support services are available 24x7 via chat and our international phone numbers.

  • Can we meet you in personally?

    While you can have a call with our relationship managers, we currently do not have face-to-face meetings, except at our headquarters in the US. We are currently in the process of establishing regional offices in high-value geographies, to cater to our HNI and Institutional customers, soon, these facilities will be expanded to all locations where our customers are located and will be able to offer personalized services including face-to-face meetings. Please visit our “locations” for more details.

  • Do you share losses?

    Our services are aimed at ensuring that you remain in complete and absolute control of your investments. Further, our signals are tailored to your specific requirements and we expect our customers to be fairly conversant with speculative trading and the risks involved. Thus, we do not provide any relief on losses sustained during trading. We strongly recommend that you read our “Terms and Conditions”, “Disclaimers”, “Refund Policy” and our “How to Trade” sections before you subscribe to our services. For Portfolio Management Services, however, this does not apply as we are responsible for the performance of the portfolio. We share 50% of the losses incurred on the portfolio subject to the following exceptions, where we will not be able to partake in the customers’ losses.

    Losses due to market movements (Force Majeure)

    Cases of fraud in banking and securities markets that may result in inordinate intra-day crash in the markets

    Acts of Nature such as floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. that may cause disruption in markets and/or cause sudden collapses.

    Acts of war, terrorism or any other man-made disasters that may lead to market collapses or violent corrections

    Losses due to customer action or inaction

    Situations where customers have changed trading account passwords or disabled access while positions are open

    Situations where customer permission is sought to execute a transaction but the customer has not responded on time
    If such situations are foreseen by our research panel, the customers will be notified and permission sought to try to make speculative gains during the rough weather in the markets. If the customer agrees, it would automatically imply indemnity against any loss incurred during the period of uncertainty.

  • Why don’t you offer refunds?

    This is not applicable to premium subscribers – please visit the premium package refund policy “here” For all other customers, read below:
    Due to the nature of commodities, forex and Index trading, it is impossible to physically ascertain whether a customer has sustained losses due to our services or if he or she has sustained losses at all. To give you an outline:

    Our calls give you information that you can use or let go – your letting go of an opportunity could be because of your physical, or financial inability to make the investment at the right time and thus, we are not responsible for any loss of opportunity or loss of investments due to your action or inaction.

    There are multiple brokers that offer trading platforms for commodities, forex, and indices, and we do ensure we have absolutely no control or interest in how our customer's trade, as we would like them to be in complete and absolute control. Thus it is impossible for us to verify if customers have made any investments based on our calls.

    Lastly, speculative investments are risky and it requires a significant amount of psychological and emotional strength alongside analytical abilities. While many investors have the intellectual capabilities required by a trader, often it is their emotions that get in the way of their profits. As we are emphatically in favor of investors being in control, we cannot help investors in times of emotional distress caused by their speculations. We diligently follow up trade opportunities with stop-loss and hold or book profit updates to make decision-making easier and faster, but we cannot force customers to take any decision.

    Given the above reasoning, we have structured our offering as a “fee for service” with no bearing on the outcome. We require our customers to be aware and responsible for their investments and our services. We thus do not offer any refunds. We always recommend customers to subscribe to our paid trial before committing to a package.

  • Do you offer refunds on premium subscriptions?

    GoldCrudeResearch’s premium package subscribers get a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event that you are not satisfied with GoldCrudeResearch’s services, you may cancel your account and the subscription fee will be refunded.

  • Do you deduct taxes?

    This is applicable only to our Portfolio Management Services customers. As we are subject to regulatory compliance, we are bound to deduct taxes at source as applicable for customers who opt for our Portfolio Management Services.

    This deduction may vary based on the location of the customers and the taxes they are subject to. GoldCrudeResearch has a strict anti-money laundering policy and will not entertain remittances into any of the tax haven geographies without the prior written clearance obtained by the customer from the IRS and/or relevant regulatory authorities. This is also subject to the final discretion of the GoldCrudeResearch team.

  • Why do you need KYC?

    As our services are pertaining to the financial markets we are automatically subject to the AML requirements of all the nations we are offering services in. Thus, we shall necessarily maintain a complete and comprehensive profile of the customer including social security numbers, tax registration, identity proof, and any other relevant documentary evidence of identification and authentication of our customers. In the event of any investigation or inquiry by competent and relevant government authorities, pertaining to customer accounts and services provided, GoldCrudeResearch will be liable to make a complete disclosure of all transactions made, including payment, payment sources, and any other relevant information captured during the course of the customer relationship.

    Please be advised that this information will not be shared with any other party, under any circumstances as we are also bound to protect the privacy of our customers.

  • When will you start sending me tips?

    Typically, it takes up to 48 hours from the time you remit the subscription fees, for us to receive it, and subsequently, activate your services. However, there are instances where payments get delayed due to bank holidays and other extenuating circumstances, thus causing delays in the activation of your services. If you do not begin receiving signals within 72 hours of your payment, please contact us at support@goldcruderesearch.com, call on our toll-free numbers, or use our 24x7 chat support feature. We will be glad to assist you.

  • Will you block my account?

    GoldCrudeResearch is committed to providing services to all authentic and legally sound customers. However, in the event that account holders or members of institutions holding GoldCrudeResearch subscriptions are under investigation for fraud, money laundering, terrorist activities, or any other illegal activities including aiding, facilitating, financing, or representing individuals, groups or organizations engaged in terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, fraud, or any other activity deemed illegal in the jurisdiction of the markets that signals are provided for, or the geography of the organization or its members, the services may be suspended or rescinded without notice. In such circumstances, the subscription fees shall be forfeited due to non-compliance with the terms of service.

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