Forex Portfolio Management

It is true – our forex signals guarantee as many as 600 pips a month and with an average trading lot of 100,000, you can make at least US$ 6,000 a month. But this would mean you would have to trade every day to make the said profits. Now, we understand that daily forex trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes time as well as timeliness to be able to transform our forex market tips into tangible profits.

And most of our customers say their biggest challenge is the time that forex trading requires, especially considering it’s a 24x5 engagement. For those who have full-time jobs or are unable to trade regularly GoldCrudeResearch has included in its wealth management offering, an exclusive forex trading portfolio management service. The advantages of the GoldCrudeResearch portfolio management offering include:

  •  Depth of experience: The GoldCrudeResearch wealth management team that handles forex portfolio management, comes with decades of individual and centuries of combined experience in forex trading, analysis of forex news, the global forex markets, binary trading options and spotting daily intraday trading tips. If your money is in their hands, you can be assured it is in safe hands.
  •  Ease of operations: The GoldCrudeResearch portfolio management professionals are adept at handling large volumes of trades. And by virtue of their being the ones who spot the trading opportunities, they are faster at capitalizing on them as well. There is literally no lag between the forex signals being generated and their being put to effect.
  •  Safety and Security: At GoldCrudeResearch, we don’t just share your forex trading profits – we share losses as well. If the portfolio managers incur a loss on the forex markets, GoldCrudeResearch shares 50% of the losses with you and puts you on the loss-recovery program immediately. This assures you of recovering between 75% to 120% of your losses. Additionally, your forex trading strategies, the portfolio management strategy and all aspects of your identity are kept confidential – no one will ever hear a word of what you have invested in the forex markets, or what we have done for you, unless there’s a legal disclosure requirement.

Key Point

Unique expertise and prior success not available to general public.

Non-correlated to other financial markets with potential high return.

Tight risk management.

Completely liquid – 24 hours liquidity.

100% transparent.

Compliant to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

Features of Forex Portfolio Management

The key features of our PMS offering include

How we manage your portfolio

Key Point

Unique expertise and prior success

Only a portion of your savings will pay for our services

Introduced to FX products that will better cover your risk and generate savings

A FX strategy that will meet your coverage needs

Pre Hedging Exposure


lIdentify & Quantify the Risk

Analyze the Systematic Risks


Hedging Strategy

Reporting & Review

Identify & Quantifying the risk

Reducing the underlying volatify of cash flows

Identifing input costs which impact profitability

Market-specific problems

Cost centre or profit centre

Putting in place a strategy

Risk Management policy

Determining the exposure needed to be managed

Minimizing the probability of large losses

Calculating the VAR to find the impact of such risk on profatability

Reporting gaps and implementation gaps

Cost centre - Defensive approach

Using proper finacial instruments- forwards, Options, Spreads, etc


Computing the probability of an adverse move

Profit Centre - More aggressive approach


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