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Securities, currency, and commodity markets are subject to violent fluctuations and can sometimes result in the partial or complete loss of your entire investment. By subscribing to GoldCrudeResearch’s signals and services, you acknowledge complete understanding of these risks and automatically indemnify GoldCrudeResearch against any and every loss sustained by acts of omission or commission by you, or our Portfolio Management Services (PMS) personnel, except in the case where such losses are proven to arise out of negligence, fraud or misconduct on the part of our PMS service delivery team, or any of its members.

During troubling times, economic, political, military, and natural stimuli can increase the market volatility and risks manifold and can wipe out your life savings in a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds. By subscribing to our services you acknowledge and accept these risks and declare that you are investing out of your own free will and with complete cognizance and consciousness of the repercussions of natural and unnatural corrections in the markets. At no point in time shall GoldCrudeResearch be liable for signals being inaccurate or sometimes outright, wrong during force majeure causes.


At GoldCrudeResearch, we are extremely diligent and comprehensive in our research, which contributes to a significant degree of accuracy of our signals. However, this accuracy is not guaranteed, as all technical analysis, fundamentals analysis, macro and microeconomic analysis and research into news and updates can be squashed to insignificance by mere market sentiments which are emotional and not logical. Thus, there is no claim of guarantee made about the accuracy of our signals and all numeric adjectives assigned to the signals are based on past performance and are not a valid indicator of the future.

Regulatory Compliance

GoldCrudeResearch is unwavering in its championing the cause of fair trade and regulatory compliance in every geography that it operates in. As customers or subscribers to our services, you are also required to be in compliance, or be subject to suspension or permanent blocking of your account.

GoldCrudeResearch’s research team will not actively trade in any of the securities, commodities, currencies or indices that it provides services for. In the event that GoldCrudeResearch accepts or subscribes to any advisory service from third parties, their mandatory disclosures will be made available to our customers along with the signals, trade tips or advice that they pertain to.

GoldCrudeResearch will not provide services to any tax haven businesses as a part of its policy against money laundering. Furthermore, if any customer is found to be operating tax haven organizations and/or diverting funds to such geographies, their accounts shall be suspended until there is a legal validation of the customer being a lawful taxpayer in all the geographies that the individual or organization operates in.

GoldCrudeResearch vehemently opposes the use of its services to commit any action deemed illegal by the Securities Exchange Commission, SEBI, or any other regulatory organization that oversees compliance in the geographies that it operates in, and provides services to. By subscribing to the services customers automatically indemnify GoldCrudeResearch and accept liability for any litigation, cost of litigation, penalties or fines imposed on GoldCrudeResearch, and any other liabilities arising from situations including but not limited to, loss of profits, damage to goodwill, loss of market capitalization or any such financial or intangible losses sustained by GoldCrudeResearch. We like to be good guys but not to those who don’t have our best interests at heart.

Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to GoldCrudeResearch’s services, you acknowledge that you understand, and agree to abide by every current and future addition to the Terms and Conditions of the usage of GoldCrudeResearch’s services. We strongly recommend that you read through the entire terms and clarify any doubts with our support team before you make any contractual obligation with GoldCrudeResearch. We also insist that you revisit the terms and conditions from time to time, in order to ensure that you are aware of all the conditions and obligations you are subject to. At any given point in time, during the course of the customer relationship or after, the lack of knowledge or understanding of the terms shall not in any manner, indemnify the customer against losses or legal liabilities, in the event of litigation.

Receipt of signals

The receipt of signals, trade tips, advice, and any other communication from GoldCrudeResearch, are subject to availability of the customers’ preferred device of communication.
GoldCrudeResearch uses a fast international SMS Gateway and possesses the requisite technology and infrastructure to communicate with all of its customers in a timely manner, and has evidence to back up its claim of having done so consistently.
GoldCrudeResearch will not be responsible for any lack of communication arising due to unavailability of services on customer devices due to issues with the provider(s), power (and/or battery life), device infrastructure (such as features to receive SMS and calls, and/or open documents sent by GoldCrudeResearch).
In the event that a customer does not receive communication from GoldCrudeResearch, the onus of bringing this to GoldCrudeResearch’s notice is on the customer. We regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys but we would like to let customers know that they need not and definitely should not wait for these surveys to air their grievances. We have nice and proper support team that burns the midnight oil to serve you round-the-clock – i.e 24x7. They would feel quite bad if you didn’t give them work – even if they don’t we definitely will, as we’d like to pay them for work done, and we pay them quite a lot - so please help us out here. All said and done, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact us if the signals are not delivered.

Investing Responsibly

Trading opportunities are not birthrights – they are privileges and are extremely time-sensitive. We use the word privilege just like Wall Street uses the term insider information – something we must treat with utmost care and respect. So if you miss the opportunity, it is really not GoldCrudeResearch’s fault. You must be ready to dedicate the kind of time it takes to truly exploit the opportunities presented by GoldCrudeResearch’s trading tips.
Secondly, trading tips are also affected by market conditions, sentiments and sometimes some completely unrelated factors, the biggest of which is really fear. Why we say this is because while our tips are quite accurate, with historical performance ranging in the high 90’s in terms of percentages, we are not Sybill Trelawney associates (who was a right old fraud apart from her prophecy about Harry) – so we can’t make prophesies. You must also do some basic research yourself and stay up-to-date in terms of news and events that affect the markets. Else you would be no different from the feckless speculators who bought stocks with their life savings because a friend of their cousin’s pawn broker’s brother’s sister’s grandad said they’re going to rise.
If the reward is high, the risk is also commensurate – choose wisely – you know what they say about the bird in hand and the two in the bush. By subscribing to GoldCrudeResearch’s signals acknowledge this risk and agree that you will take cognizance of the possible losses you may incur, and will also exercise the prudence that is required to make money in commodity, forex, and index trading.
We promise to do our research well, diligently and exhaustively – but war and peace are no mere novels. It is a way of life and both war and peace affect investments and investment opportunities. What you receive from us is a calculated indicator and not a judgment handed down on a commodity, currency pair or index. It may move either way and it is your responsibility to enter at the right price and exit before you lose your gains or more than just that.

When sharing is not caring

While we are not artists – and hope we will never get to be an Enron, our work is valuable – and we charge the subscription fees so we can profit from our capabilities and invest more in them, so we can deliver better experiences for our customers. By subscribing to our services which are defined “here” you agree to use them as per the terms of use, found “here”, and will not share information with anyone else.

Terms of Use

Let’s face it – we’re in the age of piracy where aXXo’s and KickAss’s Torrents are more popular than the folks who put together the masterpieces that these guys pirated. So it is but natural that we try our best in creating a water-tight ten commandments for you to abide by, which you agree to do automatically when you subscribe to our services.

What they are:

1.Thou shalt not share: Under no circumstances are you entitled to pass on the information you get from GoldCrudeResearch to anyone else who’s not paid for the services. If you feel as philanthropic to let others profit as well, get an “Investment Advisor Package” that allows you to share information with those who have subscribed to your services – we may ask you to prove that you have legitimate paid subscribers if we feel you’re trying to replicate Napster with our information.

2.Thou shalt not steal: You are not entitled to try and extricate any information that is not available to you from our interface. Any attempt to pry open the APIs or file servers or web pages or any system we use to disseminate information would be considered stealing, thus a violation of our ten commandments, and punishable by excommunication from the GoldCrudeResearch fold. Meaning your subscription will be terminated and you won’t get your money back. But that’s not all – you will also be liable to be prosecuted in the court of law and will be sued for both your action, as well as the legal costs.

3.Thou shalt take care: Further to the first two commandments is the one where we expect you to take more than reasonable care so others may not unfairly benefit from the information we struggle so hard to compile for you. Meaning you will

a.Keep your passwords safe and the devices you access our services from, secure. This includes keeping your antivirus, firewall, and anti-malware tools on, and up-to-date.
b.Will choose passwords as recommended and not indulge in adding a 1 or a * to satisfy the password complexity requirements
c.You will change your passwords every month, if not more frequently
d.You will not share your passwords with anyone else.

4.Thou shalt be fair: While using the interfaces that you are given access as a part of the subscription to our services, you will exercise restraint when it comes to being tempted to kill the quintessential golden goose. You will access the interfaces as a normal human being and not use any robot, automation tool, or any such software or algorithms that may cause a surge in activity of our servers, risking downtime. Should any such activity be detected, you shall be liable for all the damages caused to the continuity of service, GoldCrudeResearch’s goodwill in the marketplace that was built meticulously by providing uninterrupted services. We will also deactivate your account and deem your subscription fees forfeited. The goose lays eggs every day – nice shiny golden eggs – if we wait and be good, we’ll enjoy them for a very long time to come.

5.Thou Shalt use Value Added Services as they are defined: Value added services such as the Shared or Dedicated Virtual Assistants, Dedicated Support, Shared or Dedicated private researchers and advisors are all to be used as per the roles and responsibilities defined in the service level agreement that will be provided to you once you choose to avail of them. They are available to answer your questions subject to the condition that you ask the right questions. They will do their best to make sure they understand your questions and try to answer them to the best of their abilities. However, should you ask a question pertaining to the meaning of life, please do not be surprised if they respond with 42. Meaning your questions shall be limited to the usage of our services and at the most, pertaining to the disclosures, facts, and figures or insights derived out of research. If you are questioning the basis of some research, we would assume you are complaining about the validity or accuracy of a particular signal and act accordingly (which would entail an escalation) – please do not expect the research executives to make you understand how they infer trends from news and other data sources – you are required to have this basic understanding or the understanding that owing to the lack of understanding of analyzing stock trends, you shall follow our tips blindly. Sadly, we don’t really have a middle path on this one.

6.Thou shalt not launder: We all want to peacefully make our money and have a good life, whether it is as-seen-on-TV, or just slightly better off than we were a few months or years ago. This money laundering and tax evasion business are very boring to us as it causes more trouble than the money is worth to us. So either steer clear of this business or steer clear of us. If any of this hanky-panky is found connected to a customer account, the account shall be suspended pending investigation, and the account holders will be liable to indemnify GoldCrudeResearch against any and every litigation, investigation or penalty. Those guilty will also be pursued for the tangible and intangible damage to GoldCrudeResearch’s services and goodwill caused by their actions to the fullest extent that the law permits.

7.Thou shalt be civil: GoldCrudeResearch understands that trading is a high-risk business. But it also maintains that this high-risk shall not translate into high temper or high aggression. By subscribing to GoldCrudeResearch’s services you acknowledge the importance of civility and courtesy in communication and behavior and agree to refrain from letting your emotions affect the conversation. You shall be responsible for maintaining decorum and courtesy in all interactions with the GoldCrudeResearch staff, whether support staff, assistants or experts, irrespective of the situation at hand. While we understand the distress that financial losses can cause and will try to be as accommodating as possible, we do not condone the use of foul, abusive, or obscene language and the use of verbal aggression. Those not abiding by this term can be penalized with temporary or permanent deactivation of their accounts and services.

8.Thou shalt remember caveat emptor: Buyer Beware. What we sell has been defined in terms of services, and offerings. When you subscribe to any, you agree that you have completely understood the extent of services provided, the features and all the terms and conditions pertaining to the services. No claims shall be entertained with respect to the value delivered except where there is significant disruption of services, other than due to force majeure causes.

9.Thou shalt be authentic: As we deal with sensitive information, especially one that can help people make millions, we could not begin to stress how much we would like it if it weren’t used by people who’d get us or our customers into trouble. So we would require all of your KYC information to be authentic, and up-to-date. By subscribing to GoldCrudeResearch’s services, you acknowledge the importance of authentic and verifiable information and agree that the KYC details you have provided are authentic. You, the customer, also agree to indemnify GoldCrudeResearch against any and every liability arising out of incorrect or fraudulent KYC information provided by you.

10.Thou shalt contact us only when in need: One of our friends at Earthlink once lamented about how certain individuals had contacted support because they felt lonely. At GoldCrudeResearch, we take a slightly harsher line of thought when compared to Earthlink and set it down as a part of the terms of use, that you shall not do the above. Or for that matter, contact support for matters that do not affect your experience with using GoldCrudeResearch or the effectiveness or efficiency of our service delivery. There are times when our researchers wear matching ties and perhaps even electrical safety shoes on Wednesdays, Thursdays and days when futures expire – we declare that it is totally up to them how they decide to dress and not subject to discussion with customers, at least not during office hours. Meaning, the support staff will resolve your issues if you have one – they can’t do much if you don’t. Please don’t feel dissatisfied unless we have truly failed to provide you adequate and efficient support.

Definition of Services


The GoldCrudeResearch signals are defined as a set of communications made to each customer, based on the package selected by the customer. These communications can be of the following types:

•SMS or Text Messages: Trading tips, alerts, and updates pertaining to the trading products that the customer has subscribed to. These may also include links to pages displaying content, documents, images or any other material that GoldCrudeResearch considers relevant to the customer’s interests.

•Calls: These can be IVR (Interactive Voice Response) calls or calls made by the research team members of GoldCrudeResearch, to provide customers with information, investment advice, and/or answers to queries or doubts.

•Research and Analysis: This refers to the result of studies conducted or obtained by GoldCrudeResearch whether through its own initiatives or shared by any third party, provided through the GoldCrudeResearch interfaces.

•Portfolio Management Services (PMS): The creation of an agreement between GoldCrudeResearch and the customer, in order to provide a service, as agreed upon in the PMS agreement, including but not limited to suggestions on types of trading products to be included in the customers’ portfolios, the extent of spread of capital allocated for each, and trading in markets on behalf of the customer for a mutually agreed feeChat, Telephone calls, support tickets, and any other one-to-one communication between the customer and the GoldCrudeResearch teams, where the customers raise concerns that GoldCrudeResearch attempts to resolve/mitigate/solve/eliminate, as applicable.

•Software: This may refer to the GoldCrudeResearch website, any automatic or semi-automatic information retrieval system that may include but not be limited to research, analysis, graphs and charts, product prices, or the result of any algorithm operated by GoldCrudeResearch. These software items may change in features, interfaces and method of use, from time to time, as updated/changed/revamped by GoldCrudeResearch. It is the customers’ responsibility to raise concerns of usability and cannot claim disruption of service if they are unaware of new or modified, existing features, or their method of use.

•Virtual Assistant (to be added)

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