Why choose Gold Crude Research as a career :-

Oh yes, we need people. We are almost always short of good folks who will help us help our customers and help new ones choose us without second thoughts.

We love getting more people on board because it always seems like we tend to acquire customers faster than we acquire the talent pool that is required to serve them. It only seems that way at least up to now.

But why should you choose us? Alright, lets do a why choose us (to work with) as well.Why not? We are good at what we do because we have the resources who do it and catering to them is as important if not more, as is catering to our customers.

Our love for money: Yes, we are saying it, here again, because it is our principal identity. We love money and we love the fact that you make us rich. So we make it our business to make sure you are able to do your job better, faster, and more consistently. So we know we first will have to understand your motivations, your skills, your issues, and your preferences as well. But we definitely wont have a bring your fox to work day. No, never!

  • Training: We will help you with training, try to understand your career goals and work with you to help you achieve your goals while you slog it out to achieve ours. We constantly try to align the ambitions of our people to our organizational objectives to make sure that everyone has their path and no one is pushing pencils.

  • Compensation: Did you notice how you have to buy into a position, whether speculative, short term or long term when you want to make money out of the commodities, forex or indices trading? We noticed that too around the time we realized we were able to perform financial research rather well. And we know that if our resource pool makes us money, they are an investment and we have to buy into investments if we want to make money. So we try not to haggle around with compensation packages and just throw in a red corvette along with every offer. Although the corvette is an exaggeration, the compensation packages and benefits are definitely not.

  • Fun: How many times must one be reminded that having fun makes you a better person? Once more as always Miss Swan Staying with the character of William Turner, we also repeated in sync when Jack Sparrow told Will, Not all treasure is gold and silver, mate. At GoldCrudeResearch, we encourage and foster a culture of work hard and party harder. We invest in fun and games activities on every shift with the designated fun areas and activities. As soon as we saw that some wise folks started having a C-level executive called the Chief Fun Officer, we immediately decided to have one too, only it is a rotating position (not the seat) every quarter, we have a new CFO elected from our midst to make sure every one of us has a crack at being the CFO. One of the downsides to this post, though, is that everyone laughs as soon as you enter.

  • Goodies Galore: We wondered why a brownie point is called a brownie point and it was our personal Eureka! The moment, (we did not run around naked) when we decided to chuck the sticks and stick to the carrot. It worked wonders, especially to our profit and loss account. Every single employee that performs well is rewarded not just with more work and more money, but also some of the things he/she would like, from cakes and cookies to video games and selfie sticks (although we tell all those excited that selfie sticks have become a lot less popular these days).

We like our customers: As does every single business outfit. So we are not claiming to be any different. Since we like our customers, we love our folks and we try to keep all of them as happy as can be. No Tracy, this does not mean you will be able to take the Miss Universe sash away from John. He earned it!

We like to stay in business: Who does not? So we try to do things better, differently and sometimes even do different things because they can help achieve the objective better. So being a part of team GCR entitles you to work on a variety of challenging situations and solve problems innovatively. This, in turn, means you will be able to learn new things and do your job better and faster, allowing you to claim your goodies as well as entitling you to arm-twist us into paying you more, as well as painting yourself into the corner where we give you more work.

Equal Opportunity : Well, its why John was able to earn the Miss Universe sash that was given to whoever got the most number of accurate signals each month, subject to the fact that they wanted it. On a more serious not, we have tried to reason with John that being Miss Universe does not necessarily mean he has to do the dance of the seven veils every Friday. On the most serious note, we love money more than we love bias, so our bias in favor of being unbiased remains strongly biased. We will hire whoever can make us money, including the Stone Temple Pilots monkey, Jacko but he has not sent us his resume, yet.

Employee Protection: Do you know that blowing a whistle can cause physiological as well as psychological trouble? Now you know but we have known this for quite a while now. And because of this, we try to make sure we protect whistleblowers. It would be hard on both parties if the whistleblower kept mishearing Come to the party as Come to the parking. We must also emphasize to protect ourselves that we dont condone violence. No parking lot brawls. On a lighter note, we also understand that whistleblowers tend to put out the fire lighters, and it is one of our most important mission-critical objectives not to go down in one big fireball.

Holydays: Since we know that we are all either in the family way or in the family away, we know that everyone wants to do something outside of work. So we have a rather neat looking holiday and paid time out a plan for each of our folks so they can either start their journey towards the family way, or visit the family that is away, or just go away for a little while, every once in a while. Considering the family way, away and while are holy words, we call the plan the Holydays plan.

Who we are looking for?

This is really important! Because we really do not want to be doing anything other than making money, having fun or choosing the way (Family way, way to family, or just a way away). So we are putting our criteria upfront.

We like you to be thoughtful meaning you can think your way out of a fix. No, we wont send clowns wielding chainsaws after you, but we want you to solve more problems than you create. At least that

We like you to be disciplined we are in a business where one pip, that is 0.0001, we really need to make sure we are 99.9999% sure about what we are talking, thinking and doing. And this requires a significant amount of discipline than many folks would want to be. We totally understand that but we had like you to tell us if this is a problem because we tend to share losses with our customers too not just profits.

No pencils business: As much as we like to be good guys, our lines of business dont allow it and because we abandoned the bakery idea (linked to Flexibility point in the Why Choose Us section), we cant have people who want to follow a strict and narrow role and responsibility. While we wont ask you to do something you are not supposed to like dance the dance of the seven veils unless you really like it (John really likes it but we still request him not to), we will definitely want you to contribute to our bottom line, when needed. Needless to say, your contribution wont be pushed aside without recognition so please dont push pencils while you are with us.

No politics:this is finance and we really want us to be known for Johns dance of the seven veils, Tracys melodrama about the Miss Universe sash, and the bakery idea that did not take off, if we are not going to be known for how good we are in providing trading tips.

So, if you are not doing the dance of the seven veils, or consoling Tracy, or having fun at their expense, we had like you to do your job we believe each of us is here for a purpose (Precision, Price, Perfection, Prize and no we cant think of anything else although there seems to be a word we foggily remember we want to include as joke). We dont consider anything outside of that purpose, worth a single thought.

Our mission is to be a World Class financial advisory services provider as, benchmarking ourselves against international standards and best practices in terms of accuracy , technology, service levels, audit & compliance. The objective is to build sound customer franchises across distinct businesses so as to be a preferred provider of advisory services for equity and commodity segments, and to achieve a healthy growth in profitability, consistent with the accurate calls appetite. We are committed to do this while ensuring the highest levels of ethical standards, professional integrity, corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Our business strategy emphasizes the following :

Increase our market share in India's expanding financial advisory services industry by following a disciplined growth strategy focusing on quality and not on quantity and delivering high quality customer service.
Leverage our technology platform and open scalable systems to deliver more products to more customers and to control operating costs.
Maintain our current high standards quality calls through advanced software.
Develop innovative products and services that attract our targeted customers and address inefficiencies in the Indian financial sector.
Continue to develop products and services that reduce our cost of funds.
Focus on high earnings growth with low volatility.

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