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GoldCrudeResearch was initially was established in 2007 as GoldCrudeAdvisory, a provider of premium advisory services in the commodities and forex space. After acquiring a forex signals provider for the technology expertise, GoldCrudeResearch expanded its portfolio of services to include trading signals for commodities, forex, and indices.

GoldCrudeResearch currently employs over 250 employees and it is headquartered in Dover, DE, with offices in Austria, Cyprus, France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Taiwan and the UK. Gold Crude Research US Office address is Gold Crude Research LLC 8 The Green Suite #5322 Dover, DE 19901 It provides a full spectrum of services to the global trade - whether small scale or institutional investors, GoldCrudeResearch has flexible signal and portfolio management packages.

OUR Vision

A seamless expanse of trading opportunities across the world, supported by technology and diligent research, that helps eliminate the risk in speculative investments.

OUR Mission

To be the trusted partner in profits for global investors.

Leadership Team need profiles of key people

It’s an awesome three some here at Gold Crude Research – and together, we make it work.

Across our website, you’ll see everything you need to know about Gold Crude Research’s trade signals. Take a closer look and you’ll understand the long hours of hard work that goes behind each of the forex signals, daily intraday trading tips, Crude Oil tips, bullion signals, Natural Gas tips and so much more that you get from Gold Crude Research.

Combine this with our savy interfaces on the web, sms, email and our daily trading calls, and you get one seamlessly integrated investment advisory system.

Yes, you! Without whom, Gold Crude Research is incomplete. When you leverage our tips, you benefit from them. And as more of you pool in, the leverage only increases as the whole market moves along with you. You are the quintessential drop of water that makes the ocean.

Gold Crude Research exists purely to make you succeed, and succeed thus.

Due to the accuracy and the due diligence, our signals tend to average between 30% to 100% profit per year, year-on-year. If you have a bit of a background in investing and economics, you’ll be able to do much better as you’ll almost be expecting our signals when they do arrive. Almost all of our larger customer tend to get there but nothing stops you from doing so too.

We have essentially two overlapping teams at work within GoldCrudeResearch. The researchers, and the traders. Both these roles tend to be fluid in nature and we regularly switch roles to make sure we have a truly cross-functional team.

The fundamental difference between the researchers and traders is this – Traders also must place the trades for our portfolio management and Virtual Assistant customers. And this requires presence of mind, speed and finesse.

For customers who would like us to trade on behalf of them, it is our researchers and traders that keep their funds growing.

It is together that our signals, you and our researchers and traders make it work.

Certifications-Gold Crude Research

US Registration

We are registered as Gold Crude Research, Inc, with our headquarters in Dover, DE. Should you have any questions about us, or our team, you could write to us. We would be glad to assist you with responses to all reasonable questions that will help you ascertain our expertise and experience as investment advisory service providers.

UK Registration

The goal to register Gold Crude Research in the UK was to achieve two major objectives.  1.    Be a resident organization in the UK/EU in order to be compliant with the local laws and regulations  2.    Be closer to our customers in the UK and EU. 

ISO 9001:2008

Quality starts with processes and the ISO 9001:2008 certification stands testimonial to the fact that we pay due diligence and adhere to our defined processes no matter what. It is what makes us reliable.

ISO 27001:2013

Your data is secure with us. Our information security management system is compliant with the ISO 27000 requirements, which helps us ensure that when we collect your personal information as KYC documentation, it remains safe, secure and away from prying fingers and eyes.

CRISIL Validated

As an investment advisory service provider, and a technology based company, Gold Crude Research Private Limited is validated by CRISIL for its registration, people, and places of operation. Please click here to view the CRISIL report.

Our Research Team

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